Climbing Lessons

Climbing Courses at Finca la Campana

 Climbing Lessons

All our climbing lessons are provided by experienced, qualified instructors.

Group size for lessons are between 2 and 6 people.

All prices include materials and transfers to climbing areas.


Taster Session


'Many people are initially drawn to climbing by the beauty of the vertical invironment and the thrilling idea of being up at great height. For some this aspect of climbing is enough and technical aspects such as ropework and knots must come later. This course lets you experience the exhileration of climbing under direct supervision and decide whether you want to gain the skills and knowledge to climb indepedently.


The taster session is as an affordable option aimed at people with little or no previous climbing experience.


  • Suitable for those who want to get lots of climbing done under the direct supervision of our qualified and experienced instructor
  • Our instructor will manage your knots and ropework directly allowing you to focus entirely on the climbing


Duration: 3 hours


Price: 38 Euros per person



Group ratio 2-3

Price for a single person 76€

Experience required: None






Getting Started


'Climbing is an immensely varied and rewarding activity which encourages self-reliance, self-control and physical mastery.'


If you have little or no previous experience and would like to experience outdoor rock climbing in a safe and friendly environment then this is the course for you.


Compared to the taster session this course is more in-depth and will arm you with the knowledge and skills required to progress to the wider world of rock climbing. '


The session begins on the grounds of the Finca and progresses to one of the excellent local climbing areas according to your aspirations and abilities.


This course includes


  • Safe use of climbing equipment
  • Correct fitting of climbing harnesses and helmets
  • Tying into the climbing harness
  • Basic ropework (top rope belaying)
  • Fundamentals of efficient climbing technique
  • 1 Day Course: 6 hours (€95 per person)

The aim of the course is to give participants a taste of the vertical enviroment and is the first step towards learning to climb independently 


2 Day Course: 12 hours (180 per person)

Private classes for 1 person 9hours 210€

The two day option allows consolidation of the skills learnt on day 1 and introduces in-depth knowledge of climbing equipment and techniques


(group ratio 2-6, experience required: None)




Learn to Lead Climb


Lead climbing is a pure form of climbing which opens up a whole world of potential!

Why learn to lead climb?

Unfortunately (?) you won't find ropes waiting for you at crags, cliffs and outcrops around the world. Climbing stems from moutaineering; the deceptivey simle yet amazingly complex process of getting from the ground to the top of a an intimidating spire of rock and ice. So, naturally, climbers must also start from the bottom. The 'lead' climber goes up first, trailing the rope, clipping into 'protection' on the way and the 'second' patiently holds the rope, catching the 'leader' if they fall. Modern sport climbing is super safe compared to traditional forms of mountaineering and climbing and falling becomes part of the fun. Compared to top roping leading is far more rewarding for most people. Un-encumbered by the rope you are able to move freely as the rope hangs below you, yet, if you fall you 'free fall' (think bungee jumping on a very small scale!) to the last piece of protection (don't worry-it's a bolt rated to hold the weight of a car!) and end up slightly below it. This seems scary at first but done safely, first under supervision and then independently, it is quite safe and becomes a normal and enjoyable part of climbing.


This course is targeted at experienced top rope climbers (usually people who have learnt to climb indoors at the gym) who want to learn to lead climb under expert guidance. The course includes:

A discussion of the different skills required for the transition to lead climbing

The differences between indoor and outdoor climbing

How to clip bolts and lower-off a route safely

How to safely re-thread an anchor and retrieve gear

Lead belaying using a belay plate / gri gri - including holding falls and lowering

Basic rope skills e.g. coiling a rope

Individualised coaching to develop and improve rock climbing movement skills


1 Day Course

6 hours €130 per person




2 Day Course

2x6 hours €180 per person

Private classes for 1 person 9hours 210€ 

top rope








Real Rock Intro


This course is for people who have led routes inside. Wirth the Real rock course you will learn the necessary skills to safely lead routes outside.


Climbing outside opens up a whole world of adventure with enough potential to fill a lifetime. With many climbers now learning to lead at indoor climbing gyms, climbing outside can seem daunting. Luckily, the climbs in El Chorro, as in many areas of Spain are fully bolted 'sport' climbs. This means that many skills are fully transferablde from indoor lead climbing.


Key differences are that the quickdraws are not in place and must be placed whilst climbing and that the rope must be 'threaded' through a fixed point at the top of the climb in order to retreive gear. Furthermore, the whole process of 'reading' the rock is not to be underestimated when compared to following coloured holds at an indoor wall!


The beauty of outdoor climbing lies in mastering these skills and uncovering the mosiac of possibilities for movement on rock. By the end of the course you will have the skills to explore the greater world of climbing outside.


If you have experience of lead climbing indoors but would like to progress to outdoor climbing then this course is for you.

          • Course Content
          • How to clip bolts and lower-off a route safely
          • Lead belaying using a gri-gri, including holding falls, dynamic belaying and safe and effective lowering
          • Rope coiling and carriage
          • How to safely re-thread an anchor and retrieve gear
          • Guide book interpretation
          • Route reading and tactics


1 Day Course

6 hours €130 per person




2 Day Course

2x6 hours €180 per person


Private classes for 1 person 9hours 210€  



climbing gear











First time in el Chorro and not sure where to start?


El Chorro itself has 47 climbing sectors and is host to thousands of routes with new areas being developed all the time. On top of this there are many outlying areas which more than double the prospective climbing area. If you only have 1 or 2 weeks to climb this might all seem a bit daunting.  Finca la Campana can offer you an affordable guiding service to take you any of the areas covered within the 3 local guidebooks. Less time spent wandering around looking a guidebooks means more time on the rock! Our guide will also be able to recommend routes and select climbs of appropriate grades and styles for groups and individuals of all abilities.


1 to 1 guiding €180 per day




Groups of 2-6 €90 per person per day


Fall training

Safe fall training with top rope or lead climbing, has to be learned step by step. Proper training avoids injuries and increases mental strength and confidence.

Course content:

Discussion regarding various fall positions, soft belaying and tactics. Followed by practical training on suitable crags with planned, pre-determined falls.


5 hours 90 € per person (min. 4 persons)



Multi Pitch Climbing


"Sometimes you want to be able to climb higher and higher."


Course content:

After having you introduced to the different multi pitch techniques like:

 -       installing a belay

 -       belaying your partner

 -       abseiling

 we will climb the up to 300m high walls in El Chorro .



16 hours 280€ per Person

 1 Person private 10 hours 280€


Day 1: 4 hours of theorie and practice on the Finca grounds.

Day 2 and 3: 6h each day rockclimbing


Our knowledgable local climbing instructor will guide you to the top climbing sectors. He will show you the best climbing routes according to your specific requirements. This does not include the climbing.

18 € / hour

Belay Partner

Our experienced climbing instructor will belay you during your climbing holiday.


Belay Partner:


half day (up to 3 hours) = 110€


full day (up to 6 hours) = 180€

Experience the infamous Camino del Rey (the camino Tour is not possible at the moment)

The spectacular views and sheer drops on the Camino del Rey are a guaranteed adrenaline rush. Our guided tour begins with a tricky abseil. This is the starting point of the walkway which tracks its way through the two gorges of the Guadalhorce river all the way to El Chorro. Be prepared to be thrilled!

  6hours 70 € per person

(1) The exchange of safety related items such as,

the material science
the proper use of the harness
introduction to the rope with the "figure of eight"
the "HMS" or "tube" safety technology
check the partner
climbing specific communication
the backup job

are always considered before we start climbing.

The potential of climbing

Climbing can develop all or some of the following:

• creativity
decision making
• coordination
• discovery of (hidden) skills and strengths
• acceptance of personal responsibility for decisions made
• willingness to learn
personal fitness


climbing classes 


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Contact us

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